Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Filter & Sort DataTable using LINQ

You need to add reference to System.Data.DataSetExtensions to be able to use AsEnumerable() on a datatable.

Dim dt As New DataTable


'get name of distinct root taxonomies

Dim root_names As IEnumerable(Of String) = From myRow In dt.AsEnumerable() _

Select myRow.Field(Of String)("root_name") Distinct

'get a list of the root taxonomy objects based on the name

Dim list As New List(Of Taxon.Taxon)

For Each root_name As String In root_names

Dim t As Taxon.Taxon = Taxon.TaxonDAL.Instance.GetOnName(root_name)

If t IsNot Nothing Then


End If


'sort the root taxons by Product_DisplayOrder

list.Sort(Function(p1, p2) p1.Product_DisplayOrder.CompareTo(p2.Product_DisplayOrder))

For Each t As Taxon.Taxon In list

Dim currentRootName As String = t.name

'get the children of the current root taxon

Dim drRows As IEnumerable(Of DataRow) = From myRow In dt.AsEnumerable() _

Where myRow.Field(Of String)("root_name") = currentRootName _

Order By myRow.Field(Of Double)("Product_DisplayOrder") Ascending _

Select myRow

For Each rv As DataRow In drRows

Dim ThisTaxonId As String = rv("taxon_id")




LINQ query on a DataTable

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