Sunday, December 30, 2007

50 Great E-Businesses

I just started reading this book named "50 Great E-Businesses and the Minds Behind Them" written by Emily Ross and Angus Holland. The book uses 50 case studies to offer you the stories behind all these successful e-businesses which is quite attractive for a web developer like me to read. Strongly recommended. Take Wotif as an example, the book talks about how the Wotif's founder Graeme Wood came up with the idea of selling last minutes vacate hotel rooms. The initial cost was Aus$200,000 and is mainly for web development. The site went on live in March 2000, weeks after the dotcom crash, there was only one booking made through the site for the first week, the book explores how Wood managed to sell his site and gone through the difficult time and later got its stocks listed on the ASX.

Great fun to read, highly recommended.
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