Tuesday, January 1, 2008

ASP.NET AJAX Page Methods (1) Intro

  • By using page methods, the amount of data transferred between client and server will be greatly reduced compared with UpdatePanel
  • Using Ajax with web service sometimes seems overkill
  • Page methods communicate directly with an ASP.NET AJAX-enabled page and pass JSON request and response messages back and forth, just as WebMethods do in Web services.
  • Each code behind method is accessed from the client-side by using the PageMethods proxy class.
  • You must set the ScriptManager control's EnablePageMethods property to true
  • Need to add "WebMethod" attribute on static methods
  • Using page methods when you want to include the method inside a page, you cannot use it with user control
  • Since page methods must be static/shared methods, you cannot access any instance member of a class such as controls in the page or ViewState etc.

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