Wednesday, April 30, 2008

BDC (1)

1. You can download BDC Meta Man from Lighting Tools web site. You can use it to connect to the following data sources:
  • SQL Server
  • Web Service
  • Oracle
  • DB2 - ODBC
  • MS Access
  • MySQL - ODBC
2. Once you connect to the SQL Server, drag and drop the tables you want to create the entities. Drag and drop to create the relationships between those tables.
3. Then generate the definition.xml
4. In definition.xml, under LobSystem node, change the name property to the Application name you gonna use in Business Data Catalog Applications page in Shared Services.
5. Under LobSystemInstance node, add RdbConnection Password and RdbConnection User ID.
6. In shared services, Import application definition.
7. In shared services, Manage Permissions: Business Data Catalog, add users to the list
8. In central admin, under application management, activate Office SharePoint Server Enterprise Web application features
8. In Site Settings > Site Features, activate Office SharePoint Server Enterprise Site features
9. Add a Business Data List web part and Business Data Related List web part. Connect them.
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