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Anonymous Access cannot access List
  • If you are trying to access a list using anonymous access in a MOSS publishing site template, you will be prompted to enter credentials.
  • To solve this, you will need to deactivate a lockdown feature called ViewFormPagesLockDown through stsadm command line.
  • View Solution.

Existing ASP.NET applications

  • If you have an existing ASP.NET applications which you want to integrate with SharePoint. There are a couple of ways you could go about doing it:
    • Custom web part
    • SmartPart which uses ASP.NET user controls
    • Directly add aspx files into Sharepoint
      1. Add Sharepoint master page to your exsiting pages
      2. Deploy the dlls into C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\wss\VirtualDirectories\applicationname\bin
      3. Add dll info to the SafeControls part of the web.config under C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\wss\VirtualDirectories\applicationname\web.config
      4. Change trust level in web.config
      5. In sharepoint designer, drag and drop your aspx page to the location you wanted
      6. Browse your page.
      7. A few limitations:
        • Only work with C#, not working with
        • Somehow, the onclick event declared on a button in the aspx page could not be recognized, work around using delegate.
      8. For detailed Solution.

Debugging Web Parts

  • If your Sharepoint server is also the development environment, then debug code is simply attaching to the w3wp.exe process.
  • w3wp.exe is the process runs under the NETWORK SERVICE account by default on Windows 2003 and Vista
  • For more details on debugging

Search Web Part

  • If you want to just search for a list in sharepoint and you don't want to create custom web part, you could use a out-of-box form web part to connect to a data view.
  • It is difficult for a custom web part to connect to an out-of-box web part.

Filter List on AllItems.aspx

  • Using FilterField1 and FilterValue1
    • When you are on the AllItems.aspx of a list, if you want to filter the list with certain criteria, you could add FilterField1 and FilterValue1 as query string to filter the list.
    • This is useful, when you want to utilise the url for filter purpose.
    • This wouldn't work with a calculated column which based on other existing columns.
  • Using out-of-box query string filter web part
    • Add the query string filter web part to the AllItems.aspx. Specify the query string name. Connect this web part to the list web part.
    • So now the list can be filtered by the query string.
    • If you want to create a A-Z filter for a list, you could follow this example.

Custom List Form

  • If you don't want the out-of-box add/edit/view pages come with the List, you can create your own custom list form:
    1. Add a new aspx page in Sharepoint designer
    2. Insert SharePoint Controls > Custom List Form
    3. Link the form to a list
    4. Right click the List and go to List Properties > Supporting Files > choose the new file you created to be the default add/edit/view page for the List, make sure you select the Item content type.
    5. More details.

Copy a List

  • If you want to make a copy of an existing list's structure and content as well, you can:
    • Create a list template based on the old List, choose include content
    • Create a new list based on the list template.
    • After you created the new list, if you do a global search, the search result might not return the stuff from the new list since the next round of scheduled crawl is not yet started. In this case, go to shared services and do an incremental crawl on the default site content source. That should fix it.

Sharepoint designer access denied

  • If you encountered an access denied error in Sharepoint designer when trying to edit a page, check to see if the user is a site collection administrator.
  • You cannot open a FBA site from the Sharepoint desinger, just open the windows authentication site which is extended by the FBA site.

Customize Search Core Results Web Part

  • If you want to customize the look and feel of the Search Core Results Web Part, you could do it through XSLT.More details.
  • By editing the properties of the core results web part, you could specify the search scope to search as well.

Office 2003

  • When you have an unhandled exception which close the IE browser, it is more than likely because the Office 2003 you installed on the Server, try Office 2007 will eliminate the issue.

Update scope rule

  • When you add a rule to a scope, you don't need to start crawling of the content source for the search to reflect the rule, just click the 'Start update now' link of the 'Configure Search Settings' page in the SSP.
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