Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Create/Customize List

Say the sales unit of your organisation has asked for functionality in sharepoint to maintain a list for prospects. The customised column required are:

  • Call Back
  • Estimated Revenue
  • Pipeline Stage
  • Forecast Revenue
Create Columns:
1. Go to Site Actions, Create
2. Under Communications, choose Contacts
3. Name the list Prospects, Create
4. In the Prospects list, choose settings, Create Column
5. Name it Call Back, column type is Date and Time, click OK
6. Create another Column, name it Estimated Revenue, column type is currency, check 'require this column contain information', give it min value of zero, Click OK
7. Create column named Pipeline Stage, column type is choice, type Contact, Meeting, Proposal for the choices, check 'require this column contain information', make the default choice Contact, Click OK
8. Create column named Forecast Revenue, column type is calculated.
9. Enter formula: =IF([Pipeline Stage] = "Contact", [Estimated Revenue] * 0.05,IF([Pipeline Stage] = "Meeting", [Estimated Revenue] * 0.25,IF([Pipeline Stage] = "Proposal", [Estimated Revenue] * 0.75)))
10. The data type returned from this formula is Currency, Click OK
11. The syntax for the formula can be found at clicking the help icon on the top right corner of the page, click Business Intelligence, choose Business data in sites, lists, and libraries, choose Formula and functions.

Add Rows to the List:
12. On this contact list you've created, Click New, Item
13. Fill in the forms with contacts' name, and give it a call back date, specify the Estimated Revenue $1000, Pipeline Stage is Contact, Click OK
14. Now you will get a row with forecast revenue column having $50.00
15. Add more rows with different pipeline stage, you will see the results match the formula.

Outlook Integration:
16. Now we test the integration with outlook, choose Actions, Connect to Outlook
17. You can see the contacts you created just now.
18. If you edit the contact in outlook and click Save & Close, go back to the browser, refresh the screen, this will update the contact list in sharepoint.
19. Just note that those customize fields are not available in Outlook.

Calendar View:
20. The sales team can also view this contact list in the form of a calendar, so they can see the call backs that are coming up.
21. On this contact list page, choose Settings, Create View, choose Calendar View
22. Name the view Call Back, set the time interval begin with Call Back column, End with Call Back column
23. Choose the full name as the Month/Week/Day View Title, Week/Day View Sub Heading is Pipeline Stage.
24. Choose the default scope as Week, Click OK
25. Now you've got the calendar of the upcoming call backs.
26. If you want to sync with Outlook calendar, you will need to create the list as a calendar list at the first place rather than a contact list

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