Sunday, July 20, 2008

Shared Services

Shared Services Provider provides the following services:
  • Audiences
  • BDC
  • Excel Services
  • My Sites
  • Published Links
  • Personalization Links
  • Search
  • User Profiles


  • A SSP can host only a single Search Provider
  • Best practice is to implement a single SSP and a single search provider, multiple search providers complicates the SSP design.

User Profiles

  • Benefits: search people with skills about a subject
  • User profile information can be collected from:
    • LDAP: limited content information
    • Direct input from user:
      • Edit profile in personal feature page if do not have a My Site
      • Or My Site User details page
  • Properties of users can be used to
    • define audiences for targeting content
    • Or create custom search scopes

Publishing Links

  • It is for relevance.
  • Publishing links to Office applications such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint allows you to populate the "Save As" locations based on the who a user is, such as the AD group to which the user belong.
  • When you save a word doc, you can specify the sharepoint site folder. If you specify my site to be their default, they will pull information from the SSP every 24 hours.

Personalization Links

  • Personalization Links allows you to target content to My Site top link bars.
  • You can target information on top link bars to specific users based on the AD group.
  • You can also expose Publishing site navigation to your My Sites.


  • For increasing relevance.
  • Audiences allow you to target information to users based on their:
    • AD Groups
    • Sharepoint Groups
    • User Profile information
  • You can change the audience settings of your web part to show/hide information based on the user group who are viewing your web part.
  • Users cannot easily choose their audience on the fly.

My Sites

  • Advantages
    • Provide personal workspace for users
    • Collecting user information
    • Integration with Outlook through Meeting Workspaces


Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server 2007 Best Practices

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