Sunday, May 25, 2008

Feature Activation

There are a lot of different ways that a feature can get activated on a site.

Feature Activation via
  • Site Definition
  • Site Settings
    • Site Collection Features
    • Site Features
  • Feature.xml
    • ActivateOnDefault
    • AutoActivateInCentralAdmin
  • Activation Dependencies of other Features
  • Receiver Code
  • Feature Stapling
  • Stsadm.exe

Activation Dependencies

  • Defined in feature.xml
  • Activate one or more other features when feature is activated
  • Used to activate a group of hidden features as a unit via a single visible feature
  • Those features must be of same scope (either farm or site or web)


  • Installation
    • FeatureInstalled
    • FeatureUninstalling
  • Activation
    • FeatureActivated
    • FeatureDeactivating
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